How to install Relay On Linux Debian v18

How to install Relay On Linux Debian v18

i). Download and run the setup program

Once you have installed 3CX and have access to the Linux console, you can download the Relay setup program directly to your Linux server. There are essentially 3 steps to install the Relay:

If you are upgrading, be sure to look at the steps in Upgrade Relay section before continuing.

1. Download the setup program with the following command

sudo wget

Figure 1: Download Setup Program

— Wait until the setup program downloads successfully.

Figure 2: Setup Program Downloaded Successfully

2. Give execute permissions to the setup program by entering this command

sudo chmod +x setup8

Figure 3: Give Execute Permissions to Setup Program

3. Execute the setup program with the following command

sudo ./setup8

Figure 4: Execute Setup Program

When the installation is complete, the setup program will display a message with the URL needed to access the web-based Relay administration console. Your URL should be something similar to the following:


  Replace <3cx-server-ip> with the IP address of your 3CX server, or FQDN.

Figure 5: URL for Accessing Web-Based Relay Administration Console

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